Stop Corona! Download these posters


In times of crisis, what people need most is clear and correct information. We made posters that you can download with the two main messages to stop Corona: keep your distance + wash your hands

Why soap really helps against Corona

The main way in which the coronavirus can be transmitted is by human contact. It is a highly contagious virus, which is passed on from person to person in the small droplets of saliva that are released when someone who is already infected coughs or sneezes.

Innovation Fact 3 – Focus on one thing

Focus on one thing and do it better than anyone else. Once you found clarity on your core values, focus on developing your product or service to optimally achieve these values. Do not let yourself be carried away by what you see around you.

Innovation Fact 4 – Learn to steal

Learn to steal - innovation fact 4 - creax innovation consultancy

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Focus on the function you are trying to solve, look around you and find inspiration to build upon. Then make it your own, optimize it and share it with the world.

Innovation Fact 5 – Don’t judge an idea too soon

Don't judge too soon - innovation fact 5 - creax innovation

Many technologies or products have been met with skepticism and laughter when they were launched. When you feel the urge to ridicule new products, try to have the reflex to objectively analyze that innovation.

Innovation Fact 6 – Embrace happy accidents

Embrace happy accidents - innovation fact 6 - creax innovation framework

Breakthroughs often rely on the open-mindedness of innovators to notice something new, unexpected, and intriguing. Extensive cross-industry-research can inspire us to establish new links between previously separate components. No happy accidents per se, but a good way to break through the limitations of your current research and spot some surprising correlations.

Innovation Fact 7 – Keep it simple

Keep it simple - innovation fact 7 - creax innovation consultacy

Keeping things simple has many advantages. Look at your products or services and ask yourself: “Does it really need to be this complex?” Can I make it easier for users, without losing essential elements”?