The future of mobility: the drivers behind the steering wheel

The previously conservative and stagnant mobility industry is changing radically right before our eyes and at a pace never seen before. New mobility needs are forcing the industry to anticipate and disruptive innovation is the key to doing so. Read here below how data-driven innovation can future-proof your business within the future mobility landscape.

5 challenges

In Automotive

Door-to-door mobility

Multiple transport solutions will have to be connected to facilitate different mobility needs.

Sharing economy

Sharing mobility puts new challenges towards compatibility and flexibility to the needs.

Autonomous driving

Autonomy is so much more than just giving the wheel to the car itself.

Energy for mobility

Even if a more ecological future is not actively pursued, economic dynamics will eventually lead to the need for alternative energy sources.

Matching infrastructure

Our cities will need to change to accomodate new mobility solutions with dedicated roads, charging points and rental stations.

Creax helps to

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Building on 2 decades of experience with over 1,250 projects in a wide range of industries, Creax is an established innovation partner.

Creax has a unique team and strong methodologies, supported by cross-industry research, AI-driven intelligence and unbridled creativity.

The synergy with our clients has considerably de-risked and accelerated their innovation processes.

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“Through the cooperation with Creax, we obtained an extensive view on an emerging and innovative domain. This gave us new opportunities to remain an innovative leader in micronutrition”

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