Innovation facts

Innovation Fact 1 – Existing solutions never last

Functions remain, solutions change. When addressing perceived needs in the market, go beyond solutions and try to clarify the main functionality you are trying to provide.

Innovation Fact 2 – Find the real problem

There are many reasons why products fail, but one of the most important ones is that solutions do not always solve the real problem.

Innovation Fact 3 – Focus on one thing

Focus on one thing and do it better than anyone else. Once you found clarity on your core values, focus on developing your product or service to optimally achieve these values. Do not let yourself be carried away by what you see around you.

Innovation Fact 4 – Learn to steal

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Focus on the function you are trying to solve, look around you and find inspiration to build upon. Then make it your own, optimize it and share it with the world.

Innovation Fact 4b – Beware of the “not invented here” syndrome

We tend to criticize and discard ideas that did not originate from us, consciously or unconsciously. Beware of this andalways look at ideas and concepts around you with an open mind and judge them by their value, not by their origin.