Stop Corona! Download these posters

In times of crisis, what people need most is clear and correct information. We made posters that you can download with the two main messages to stop Corona: keep your distance + wash your hands

Innovation Fact 2 – Find the real problem

There are many reasons why products fail, but one of the most important ones is that solutions do not always solve the real problem.

Innovation Fact 1 – Existing solutions never last

Functions remain, solutions change. When addressing perceived needs in the market, go beyond solutions and try to clarify the main functionality you are trying to provide.

Analyzing the plastic soup problem with CRT

The plastic soup is all over the news. A complex problem with many sides and factors. Therefore, it is hard to understand the root problems. In a case like that, a Current Reality Tree or CRT is very useful.

FIYLTER – avoiding the plastic soup

The oceans have become a plastic soup filled with micro plastics. Creax analysed the problem, got creative and came up with a simple but effective and prize-winning concept: the FIYLTER.