Jef Vandenberghe

Jef is an expert in a wide range of domains. Prior to CREAX, Jef worked in the R&D department of the hi-tech, production-driven company Mutoh as project manager for new platform concepts, which he led from the research phase, over proof of concept and prototyping, through to protecting the new inventions with patents. At CREAX, he leads the daily operations and ensures the quality of the innovation projects. As a co-owner and corporate board member, he helps to define the long-term strategy and business model.

For Jef, an astrophysicist by heart, the sky really is the limit. This manifests itself in an insatiable work ethic, but it also made him quite skilled at sailing and skiing. If you’re looking to get on his good side, a good bottle of fine wine — or a challenging project — will certainly do the trick!