Innovation facts by CREAX

Innovation facts by CREAX

  • 16/09/2016
  • Thomas Valcke
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Throughout the years, our innovation experts have supported R&D projects at multinational companies all over the globe. In doing so, we’ve learned a lot. On this page, we’re sharing some of the inside ideas and experiences that stuck with us, in the form of cartoons.

We hope that these knowledge nuggets and thought bubbles will inspire and motivate you in your innovation quests. Do you know an innovation fact that should be shared with the world? Let us know, because our cartoonist would love to sketch it out! 

Don't judge an idea too soon

If you were born in or before the eighties, chances are you laughed or cringed at that yuppie talking loudly into their big, plastic phone on the train. Why would anybody need to be constantly available? And do you remember the early stages of the internet, when searching for pretty much anything was a nightmare and every website looked like it was made by a toddler in MS Paint?

With this in mind, imagine now what impact 3D-printers, home batteries, and recent discoveries concerning our microbiome could have in the near future. The moral of the story? Don’t judge an idea too soon. What seems useless today could turn out to be the next big thing tomorrow.

Wireless. Everybody's doing it.

New technology is great, but sometimes it makes innovators go haywire. There is a fine line between useful innovations and seriously unnecessary gadgets. So take a step back once in a while, and ask yourself: does this really solve a problem? Or am I just creating new ones? 

Innovation fact: you are never too big to fail

Have you ever felt like your company was running itself? You’ve got a good product or service and new business just keeps rolling in, cool runnings all the way? So … time to lean back and enjoy the ride, right? Not in our opinion. Check out our new cartoon and find out why every growing company is in danger of extinction. 

Innovation fact: times change so should your business

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