Business Case Development

Business Case Development

Entering new markets with your innovative product is not without risk. Therefore, we guide you in obtaining key insights concerning market size, evolution, competition and potential. We draft the future value chain, your position in it and give a first estimation of the expected margins. We complement this with insights into your future clients’ purchase criteria.

A sense of direction

By providing insights into the exploitation potency of any technology, we help businesses direct their development efforts to the right markets.

Thinking outside the box

While businesses best understand how they operate in their current markets and business, CREAX helps them explore unknown markets and even currently non-existent markets. What’s more, we provide target market preference and help you design the exploitation model and best go-to-market strategy.  


To help you decide which idea holds the highest potential in which market, our team has developed a step-by-step approach.

  • First, we assess the global market conditions that could influence the success of your idea. These include the way the market evolves (key trends), the expected market segment revenue and margins, and general information on your top target customers. Also considered are the potential costs when switching to another market segment, and competing technologies and their key differentiating properties.
  • Next, we identify the needs of a selected number of potential customers within the target market. This allows us to verify whether your prospect values the differentiating properties of your technology.
  • Finally, we help you develop a go-to-market strategy during a workshop with key stakeholders. Together, we will define a ‘to be’ business model for a successful market entry.

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