Open innovation means working together with suppliers, customers and other companies outside your core business. It also means sharing risks and rewards. As a neutral third party, CREAX is ideally placed to challenge ideas and mediate cross-sector technology transfer.

Development plan

Often in the development phase, a clear strategy is still missing and a lot of time is wasted on non-crucial elements. A development plan can offer a step-by-step approach that also focuses on the involvement of other stakeholders, such as technology partners, suppliers or internal resources. 

Partners & suppliers

Partners and suppliers are essential in the development of new applications or the integration of new technologies. That’s why we help you in finding and validating interesting third parties. By acting as an intermediate, you can remain under the radar. The client’s name isn’t disclosed until later. 

Open innovation

In the real world, open innovation can be quite challenging. Most companies don't have an organizational structure to facilitate sharing knowledge and technologies. At CREAX, we have steered and guided several technology transfers between companies from different industries.


  • We set up a development plan that lists possible technological hurdles, design assumptions, or IP concerns.
  • We map and prioritize the relation between these aspects.
  • We gather extra information to address the defined issues.
  • We contact suppliers and/or technology partners who can help integrate technologies and/or raw materials.
  • We assess the fit between you and these external partners.
  • As a neutral third party, we take the first step and facilitate open innovation.

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