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Building on 2 decades of experience with over 1,250 projects in a wide range of industries, Creax is an established innovation expert.

By researching various knowledge databases, Creax provides cross-industry intelligence . Our differentiating combination of human and artificial intelligence with cross-industry learning, de-risks and accelerates your innovation process significantly. They allow you to make strategic decisions and develop breakthrough solutions.

How can Creax help?

Our insights and recommendations de-risk and accelerate your innovation process. They allow you to make strategic decisions and develop breakthrough solutions. Although we deliver tailor-made solutions, our services categories are:

Creax innovation strategy

Innovation Strategy

Focus on the right business opportunities

Creax business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Technology, market and competitive intelligence

Creax New product development

New Product Development

New solutions for your markets

Creax technical problem solving

Technological Problem Solving

Optimize existing products and processes

Creax market development

Market Development

Develop new applications and markets

Innovation is crucial

Nothing is permanent except change. In our fast changing world, innovation is crucial to secure your company’s future.
Yet, innovation is a complex and high-risk challenge.

Business intelligence

Efficient and successful innovation requires focus and starts from the right business opportunities.

To discover these opportunities, it is important to understand the dynamics impacting your playing field to obtain strategic insights from technology, market, and competitive perspective.

Creax combines human and artificial intelligence to gain unbiased strategic insights for focused innovation.

Creax Offices Kortrijk
Cross-industry learning

Cross-industry learning

Every problem has already been solved by someone. Too often, the wheel is being reinvented. Through our multi-disciplinary team and cross-industry knowledge databases, we identify what you can learn from others. You should ‘re-search’, rather than ‘re-invent’. This boosts your innovation process significantly.

Some clients

We don’t work for clients, we work with our clients

Aptar - innovation consulting
Problem solving and new produc development
Technology mapping, market development
new product development, social media intelligence, consumer research
market intelligence for innovation
Concordia - innovation
Danone - problem solving, innovation, process analysis, product development
Decathlon - new product development
De Nora
ICL - innovation consultancy
Gimv - portfolio scanning
L'Oreal - innovation tools, methods, system
Metagenics - innovation intelligence
Philip Morris International
Plansee - innovation tools
Recticel - Innovation strategy
Schott Glass
University of St-Andrews
Solvay - innovation and market development
SudZucker - InnovationNew product Develooment
Takeda - innovation, creation, creativity, market
Business Intelligence for Total
Strategic study mobility

 Creax has been our innovation partner for many years. More than other innovation agencies, they are really focused on the needs of their clients. Creax is available, fast and very relevant in their proposals, always aiming to deliver the best options. They have a unique methodology and proprietary tools to discover and connect consumer uses & needs to a strong scientific rationality that allows them to define the most relevant and fastest route to innovation.

[ Jean-Thierry Simonnet – International Director – Skin Aging management Application – L’Oréal ]