How to benefit from existing technology

Bobsleighing is a high-tech and innovative discipline. Or not? Believe it or not, bobsleighs are steered like horse-drawn carriages. Not exactly what you expect from a sport where a second equals an eternity, no? How to disrupt this discipline? How to improve the conventional design of the sled and optimize the performance of the athletes? The solution is simple yet ingenious: transfer ideas & technologies from other industries that face similar challenges. A philosophy preached by Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and – well euh – us.  The advantages are clear: a structured ideation process, no need for re-search, and decreased development times.

We introduce about 15 technologies in bobsleighing; some rather mainstream, others really cutting-edge (and -ice). Concepts derived from the long-board, the BMW i3, Formula 1, Augmented Reality, NASA airplanes, gecko feet and even your daily shaver were transformed into one concept that will shatter world records at the next Winter Olympics, hopefully.

creative new product development for boblsleigh teams