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The battery car

The main challenges preventing mass adoption are the limited number of charging stations and long charge times. The Revive ‘battery car’ is a mobile charging station that can revive a car by charging it at home, work, or wherever it is parked.

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Science meets creativity: why it takes two to tango … and innovate

The constant interaction between scientific and creative minds in your team can take on many forms. In the end, however, the ultimate goal is to come up with big ideas that will boost your organization, but that are scientifically substantiated as well. The really good ideas are generated at the intersection of both worlds: concrete and creative, but feasible.

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Product innovation of a trolley: a 3-step journey

When we were asked to reinvent a carry-on trolley, we set up a systematic 3-step approach that started with building a multidisciplinary innovation dream team including product engineers, creative designers, chemists, physicists and marketers.

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How to innovate efficiently: six ways to ‘unfuzzy’ the front-end of innovation

In many cases, innovation projects start off as chaotic and seemingly aimless ventures. At creax, we believe front-end fuzziness can and should be drastically reduced in order to innovate efficiently.

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Innocative packaging: A box packed with ideas

Telenet neede a new packaging for its digital tv setup box.We examined every possible aspect of the box: its contents, the logistic chain, distribution and customer needs, installation requirements and disposal options. We identified key properties and functions by talking to users, installers and distribution points. The conepts were further refined into concepts.

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