Clarity in the Complexity of Innovation

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Innovation is complex! In a series of blog posts Creax brings clarity through unbiased research of 54,000+ research papers on #Innovation. We guide you through innovation trends and give insights how companies deal with this. Discover the results, download the high-res #infographics and follow us.

Innovation Fact 7 – Keep it simple

Keep it simple - innovation fact 7 - creax innovation consultacy

Keeping things simple has many advantages. Look at your products or services and ask yourself: “Does it really need to be this complex?” Can I make it easier for users, without losing essential elements”?

Innovation Fact 8 – Too busy to innovate

No time to innovate - innovation fact 8 - creax innovation consultants

Planning is essential for innovation – the pull of the ‘urgent, not important’ of routine tasks is just too strong.
It’s time to take action and re-tune, plan more time for the important long-term projects, because these are the ones that will help your company to remain relevant.

Innovation Fact 9 – Learn to listen

Learn to listen - innovation fact 9 - creax innovation agency

By responding to the real needs and interests of your target groups, you learn how you can innovate. Never assume you know all there is to know about your product. Learn to listen and reap the benefits of the gathered insights.

Innovation Fact 10 – Sell an old idea to someone new

Sell an old idea to a new market - innovation fact 10 - creax innovation experts Belgium

Developing new solutions can be expensive, complex and risky. So why not identify new applications and markets for your existing knowledge and solutions? This lowers the risk and leads to new successes faster and cheaper.

Innovation Fact 11 – You are never too big to fail

Too big to fail - innovation fact 11 - creax innovation

Innovation is often seen as risky, but it doesn’t have to be a fuzzy process of trial and error. By applying a proven method and understanding your industry and market, you can make informed decisions, removing the risk from innovation.

Innovation Fact 12 – Know when to innovate

Know when to innovate - innovation fact 12 - creax innovation experts

Getting the timing of innovation right is fundamental to maximizing the returns. Bad timing can lead to disaster, whether you get to market too early or too late. These are the items to consider.