10 things that only existed in sci-fi movies

Sci-fi movies offer us a peek into the future. They let us dream of what might be possible. Interestingly, even the most bizarre dreams come true. We listed 10 sci-fi inventions which are plain technology today.

7 unconventional reasons for filing a patent

Patents are used as indicator for innovation, but this sometimes mismatches the very nature of many patents filed today. You need to analyze patents in a systematic way, to get the bigger picture and a better understanding of the global technology landscape.

How a simple method can spark innovation in complex industries

Some of the people we meet question the methodology we use to support the innovation process of companies.I can imagine this works for packaging but our industry/product is much more complex. How could this possibly work?

We are convinced that even the most technical industries can benefit from hands-on innovation methodologies. Let us give you some examples from the micro-electronics industry.

Idea generation: bandaids


What do you do? Search for the First Aid kit (do we have that?), establish that the disinfectant is overtime (nevermind), try to open the bandaid box without spilling blood (oops), and struggle to apply a bandaid single-handedly (not easy!).

Cool, light, and strong: CREAX and Bekaert explore the possibilities of metal foam

Combining the advantages of metal with those of a permeable, lightweight material, metal foam lends itself to a wide variety of applications. Bekaert, a global player in advanced metal transformation, opened up a world of possibilities by lowering the material’s production cost. But how to identify these new applications, link them to the appropriate markets, and boost revenue? Enter the CREAX Market Development approach.

Idea generation: the solar still upscaled

The solar still principle is not new, but today it is mainly used in small applications. In this device, water is distilled using the heat of the sun. Time to take this principle to the next level.

3 common pitfalls in process innovation

Process innovation projects are typically challenged with specific problems in the production process, waste stream validation or the need to increase overall process efficiency. It is striking to see that most companies have three pitfalls in common.