Infographic nanotechnology in plastics

A summary of the technology mapping we made in cooperation with Flanders’ PlasticVision. With this technology mapping we were able to give the plastic producers insight into the value of nanotechnology for their business.

10 innovations you thought were new – Slideshare

New innovations are not always as groundbreaking as you might think. Very often innovation is simply the result of continuous evolution and not that radical at all. We listed 10 innovations and show that some of them date back to more than 100 years ago.

Technology mapping: the start of each innovation project

Molecules moving inside the nanotube

When you want to innovate, the first step should be to understand the technology landscape you are going to work in. Who else is playing the field? What are the latest trends? Do you know the strongpoints of a given technology? What are the threats? Who are suitable partners and suppliers?

10 misconceptions on innovation – Slideshare

There is a staggering amount of books on innovation, explaining what it’s all about. In this presentation we give you exactly the opposite. What are the 10 main misconceptions on innovation that people have?