Idea generation: Meet spiro, a new way of drilling

Isn’t it odd that you need a different drill bit for each hole you want to drill. We came up with Spiro, the drilling bot of the future. Set the diameter and depth, stick him to wall and Spiro will do the trick. Spiro is inspired on the technology of standard milling machines. Sounds nice, right?.

Infographic nanotechnology in plastics

A summary of the technology mapping we made in cooperation with Flanders’ PlasticVision. With this technology mapping we were able to give the plastic producers insight into the value of nanotechnology for their business.

Technology mapping: the start of each innovation project

Molecules moving inside the nanotube

When you want to innovate, the first step should be to understand the technology landscape you are going to work in. Who else is playing the field? What are the latest trends? Do you know the strongpoints of a given technology? What are the threats? Who are suitable partners and suppliers?