De-risk and accelerate your innovation.

We prepare your company for the future by identifying technological and market opportunities, and envision your next-generation solutions and innovation roadmaps balanced across the short, medium and long term.

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Future proofing by innovation of Creax

You see your playing field changing very fast? And now what?

Our unique data-driven framework, supported by AI, helps to choose directions and take decisions about technological innovation and market positioning with confidence.


Your next-generation
solution portfolio

Someone may have already solved your problem somewhere else. Inspired by cross-industry research, we co-create your next-gen solution portfolio that stands out, meets the needs of your customers of tomorrow, and can be realized with current and emerging technologies.

Cross-industry research​ by innovation consulting Creax
About Creax - The team

Why Creax?

If you ask our clients, they would say: Creax is one of a kind. The team, a unique mix of scientists and product designers, their innovation tools and the support of their AI really boosts our innovation process and creates real value for our company.

With whom do we match?

Our clients are diverse and global: from food companies anticipating changes in eating habits, to sports goods producers envisioning next generation products, to players taking new positions in the energy or feedstock landscape.

Our latest innovation insights

Innovation is a challenge and insights are the cornerstone of the innovation process. That is why creax publishes insights on complex themes and relevant topics in the innovation landscape.


Camping case

Discover how Creax can help identify new opportunities and innovate products by utilizing a human-centered design approach in this camping case study.

The future of mobility: the drivers behind the steering wheel
Sector papers

The future of mobility: the drivers behind the steering wheel

‘Minority Report’, the best-selling film, envisions urban architecture in 2054 with full 3D mobility and electric vehicles produced in fully automated facilities. Future, or is it already happening? This blog post provides a clear vision of how various players are shaping the mobility landscape of tomorrow.

Found Something Interesting?

The Creax innovation insights give you a collection of insights we gathered during 20 years of strategic innovation.