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A long-term innovation partner

The Creax clients are our most valuable asset and we strive for long-term innovation partnerships with them. We do not convince our clients about the importance of innovation, they are already convinced.

Our clients are: 

  • aware of the strategic importance of innovation
  • committed to radical improvement
  • understand the complexity of innovation and the fact that innovation is an expertise as such
  • realize they can not innovate optimally by themselves

A boost for your innovation network

Working for international high-level companies, Creax has been building a very valuable innovation partner network over the last twenty years. As a client, you get to profit from that extensive innovation network as we will bring you in contact with innovation partners that can propel your project forward.

We are grateful for the analysis that they carried out on our portfolio. This has validated some of the decisions that we have already taken with regard to curtailing some of our patents with limited commercial value. It has also given us an overall independent assessment of the value across the portfolio, which can act as a baseline map onto which to target actions towards future decision points on the individual patent families. This has put us in a better position to plan for the future than we were in before.

[ Derek Watson – St. Andrews University ]

Creax delivers in 3 weeks what we have not been able to reach in 6 months

[ Jean-Thierry Simonnet – L’Oréal ]

Creax mapped in a few research days, more than what we have been paying 3 years of expensive research for.

[ Stefan Biel – Beiersdorf ]

Found Something Interesting?

The Creax innovation insights give you a collection of insights we gathered during 20 years of strategic innovation.