Market Intelligence

Getting a reliable and unbiased on the market trends and identify specific needs of your clients (and the clients of your clients) is not easy task. The market intelligence strategy also differs significantly for B2C and B2B companies. Creax offers custom Market Intelligence services that support and complement your internal resources.

Market Intelligence Creax

Unbiased consumer insights

Find out what customers really want

Creax has developed a big data driven method for gaining unbiased consumer insights: thousands or even millions of lines of consumer comments, questions, opinions, concerns posted on forums are processed by our in-house developed Artificial Intelligence tool for text mining and structured in digestible formats, to efficiently discover what consumers really want and need. As such, both qualitative and quantitative insights about intrinsic consumer interests and needs are obtained in an efficient way.

Unbiased consumer insights Creax

Focused innovation starts from consumer insights

The whole process results in a list of insights and consumer needs. These are the perfect starting point for the development of truly disruptive and innovative products:

  • Unbiased overview: get an objective view on what consumers are talking about within a market or on specific topics
  • Structured output: get clear and well-structured insights that allow you to act without delay.
  • In-depth focus: augment selected trends with nuanced consumer opinions, worries, thoughts, etc.
  • Efficient market survey: confirm your assumptions and discover unmet customer needs
  • Fast way to market: do not lose valuable time in getting to know new markets or consumer groups

Market Intelligence in a B2B environment

As a B2B company, making strategic decisions can be risky. A sudden change in your value chain may affect its stability and influence your business on a short or long term. It is therefore essential to have a transparent view on the technological drivers in your ecosystem. In addition, it is essential to get a good understanding of the market by hearing the voice of your customers, and these of the customers of your customers, and finally these of the end-customers.


Market Intelligence in a B2B environment

Creax works together with your business intelligence team to provide:

  1. A clear image of your value chain
  2. A complete mapping of the technological trends and players for every crucial step in the value chain, to discover the dynamics in this (competitive) landscape and detect early signals of opportunities or threads for your business in an unbiased way
  3. A revealing Voice of the Customer, not only from your direct clients but also from the clients of your clients and eventually the end-customers
  4. Smart combination of data to confirm/dispute indirect and direct signals from technological drivers and the clients along the value chain

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