Technological Problem Solving

Technological problem solving by Creax

Do not re-invent

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Creax helps you solving any technological challenge through cross-industry research. We discover and map how others, within and outside your industry, have tackled similar challenges.

Technological Problem Solving

Find the ‘real’ problem

A good solution starts with understanding the real problem. We believe it’s better to cure the sickness than to remedy the symptoms. That’s why we put a lot of time and effort to identify the ‘real’ underlying problems.

Find the right solution

The research approach of Creax is based on the unbiased collection of information from data sources in and outside of your industry. This cross-industry research ensures the discovery of solutions already applied in your industry, as well as technological inspirations, which are well established in other industries and can be translated in the context of your specific challenge.

The methodological approach of Creax is highly efficient and involves systematic interactions with your specialists. Creax can therefore guarantee the delivery of concrete technology scenarios and reliable partners, backboned by consistent research and supported by the internal stakeholders.

Develop breakthrough concepts

By combining multiple proven solutions, breakthrough concepts are generated, all of which meet the predefined scope and problem definition. A well-stocked pipeline of profitable solutions for the short and long term future.

Improving products or processes

Interesting insights on technological problem solving

Our collection of articles, insights, and podcasts have everything you need to get started on the topic.

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