Science & Technology Intelligence

To get a good understanding of the state-of-the-art in your field or to find cross-industry inspirations for future-proof technological innovations, Creax offers a systematic and AI-supported methodology to research scientific and technological domains to support your Strategic Innovation group and R&D team.

Science & Technology Intelligence

Our research is top-down

We dare to think big and successfully process vast amounts of complementary data from different sources, such as scientific papers, patents. With the support of our AI platform Mynd, early-stage technologies are discovered in scientific papers, while patents reflect the dynamics in the IP landscape. But there is more. We also plug in relevant databases on e.g. start-ups and VC, forums, market reports, and even your internal text-based knowledge database. As such we cover the entire Technology Life Cycle and reveal dynamics in the market in an exhaustive way.

” Dare to think big and include multiple complementary data sources “

Science & Technology Intelligence

The following services are offered by Creax. We invite you also to discuss custom approaches for your specific questions.

Science & Technology Intelligence

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