Innovation Intelligence

All Creax projects are research-based.

We provide an unbiased perspective on all opportunities and threats in and outside your playing field to provide the right insights.

To obtain these insights, we process Big Data through our in-house developed multi-source text-mining platform CRAiN®.

The artificial intelligence supports our team in:

  • Science & Technology Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • Competitive Intelligence

This strategic intelligence is the basis for our 3 distinct innovation services.


Innovation Strategy

Focus your innovation
and R&D efforts

Innovation is anticipating the future. That’s why you need a hands-on roadmap to leverage opportunities and to defend against threats and secures your future.

New Product Development

The next
big thing

We generate creative ideas and combine them into differentiating concepts which fill your pipeline for the long and short term future.

Market Development

your assets

Looking for new markets? We help you valorize your existing assets and identify all possible applications for your current products and processes.



our cases

See how other companies benefited from creax insights for their innovation successes.


Our cases