Innovation Strategy

A good innovation strategy is necessary to secure your company’s future. But how do you formulate the ideal innovation strategy? With so many technologies and competitors around you, it’s not easy to see the forest for the trees.

Creax Team: innovation strategy developers

Match competencies with opportunities

Understand your playing field

Before we can make any decision, we have to understand the playing field, the area in which you operate. Via broad and in-depth research of various information sources, we identify your competitors but also opportunities and threats within your domain or industry.

Identify your core competencies

Aside from mapping your competitors and their abilities, your company-specific ‘core competencies’ are also established. These core competencies allow an organization and it’s offering to stand out from the competition.

Draft your roadmap to the future

With the information and insights derived from the internal and external analysis we can define clear actions, that will make the most efficient use of scarce resources, time and budget, to achieve our goals.

Secure your company's future

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Futureproof your business

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Creax futureproofs your business by co-creating your innovation portfolio and roadmaps for the short-, mid- and long-term.

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