Innovation is crucial

Secure your company’s future

Nothing is permanent except change. In our fast changing world, innovation is crucial to anticipate for the future and secure your company’s existence.

For a lot of companies, innovation is a real struggle. In our rapidly changing world, innovation has become an expertise in itself requiring dedication, focus and a systematic approach.

With more than 20 years of experience and over 1250 successful projects in a wide range of industries, we know what innovation is about and how to tackle it, despite its complexity. Creax is also constantly innovating itself, by investing in the team and developing new and better processes and tools.

Start with strategic insights

Identify business opportunities

Efficient and successful innovation requires focus and starts from the right business opportunities. To discover these opportunities, it is important to understand the dynamics within your playing field to obtain strategic insights from technology, market, and competitive perspective.

These insights are matched with your specific company DNA to select the right business opportunities for which you should develop breakthrough solutions. The developed solutions are new products, optimized processes, and new applications for existing assets.

Someone somewhere already solved your problem

Re-search, instead of re-invent

 Don’t reinvent the wheel. You should ‘re-search’ rather than ‘re-invent’. Identify what you can learn from others. Not only in your industry, but also from other industries and sectors. This kind of thinking makes your R&D process much faster and more reliable. Creax excels in so called Cross-industry-research. We combine brainpower, creativity, tools and intelligence to transfer knowledge and solutions across industries. With our proven approach we find the best solution and transfer it into your application.

Human and artificial intelligence

Run with the machines, not against them

Creax has one focus: make an impact through efficient innovation. To achieve this, we combine human and artificial intelligence.

The Creax brainpower consists of a multi-disciplinary team, matching science and design competences. Our team applies well-structured processes, various tools and methodologies to develop differentiating solutions in a fast and efficient way.

The team is reinforced with our in-house developed multi-source text-mining platform for complete and unbiased research. Through artificial intelligence we translate the chaos of massive worldwide data into structured information and insights.

Creax innovation artificial intellegence big data tools

Get the best insights

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Bart Tienpont - Business Developer- creax

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