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Innovation tools

We use an extensive toolbox to perform strategic analysis, redefine problems, find solutions from other industries and generate breakthrough ideas and concepts.

In every project we use a combination of existing tools, combine them to fit your challenge, and tweak them if necessary.

Our toolbox is divided into 4 distinct parts:

1/ Strategic planning

This phase is all about getting to know the playing field, your own strengths and uniqueness and to spot the opportunities.

2/ Problem definition

Before we start further research, we first need to establish if we are addressing the right problem. Our problem definition tools help us to really understand the situation and spot the real problems. A well-done problem definition gives focus to a project and if necessary a possible re-scoping of the assignment.

3/ Concept generation

Once the problem is well defined, we can start looking for solutions. For this we have many analytical tools that highlight certain areas of interest and inspiration. These are then interpreted and translated into feasible yet breakthrough solutions.

4/ Implementation

Once a solution is chosen, it needs to be implemented. Although Creax focusses less on this phase in the development process, we can surely still function in a supportive role. Where needed, we can draft action plans, identify interesting partners for further development, assemble initial prototypes or manage the project.

We are convinced that with our versatile and systematic toolbox we can tackle any technological challenge in any industry.

Because we have implemented more than 1,000 successful innovation projects in recent years, we have access to an extensive worldwide network of people and companies from different technical backgrounds. This Creax innovation network has already led to exciting breakthroughs for many of our clients.

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