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The answers are out there, but finding the information you need is not easy. It can feel like finding a needle in a haystack: difficult and very time consuming. To get substanciated insights for your decisions, you need complete, unbiased and fast research.

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New perspectives for your existing assets

Instead of developing a new product, why not find a new market for your existing product?

In order to identify new market opportunities, Creax uses a hands-on approach. We define your product, technology, material or process in terms of its properties and functions. This allows us to perform systematic searches for new application domains where a combination of these properties and functions is required.

Exemplary cases of such studies are: turning waste flows into profitable assets, finding new applications for certain materials or identifying new industries for a processing device.

Optimizing for better performance

Different revenue from familiar items

Using our multi-source text-mining platform Mynd, we can analyze an almost infinite amount of data sources such as patents, material databases, medical databases or consumer forums to quickly find out where and how your existing assets can be of added value.

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Map new revenue channels

We can quickly define new business opportunities.
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