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Efficient innovation starts from understanding the dynamics of your playing field from a science & technology, market and competitive perspective. What trends and developments inside, but also outside your domain, have an impact on your business? Understanding these opportunities and threats, allow for strategic decision taking and focused innovation and R&D.

But how to obtain these strategic insights in an unbiased, complete and fast way?

Business intelligence services

Creax is a preferred partner to support B2C & B2B businesses, and research institutes for 20 years. We offer distinct intelligence services to deliver unbiased insights that create confidence in determining your strategy and find breakthrough solutions for your technological or market needs:

Science & Technology Intelligence (S&TI)

Science & Technology Intelligence (S&TI)

Understand the state-of-the-art, the dynamics and future trends in and outside of your domain

Market & Consumer Intelligence (MI)

Market & Consumer Intelligence (MI)

Discover hidden and unmet needs through unbiased market research

Competitive Intelligence (CI)

Competitive Intelligence (CI)

What are the innovation strategies of your competitors and what does their R&D focus on?


All Creax projects are research-based. The research strategy is systematic, unbiased and based on a top-down approach. The Creax business intelligence brings together the multidisciplinary capacities of its team of scientists, technology specialists and product designers, with the unparalleled force of our in-house developed multi-source text-mining platform Mynd.

Our research is:

  • Unbiased: We match our outside-in view with your industry-specific expertise
  • Complete: Having access to many various databases, we cover the entire technology life-cycle
  • Fast: Our AI-platform processes vast amounts of data in no-time
  • Structured insights: We translate the chaos of data into clear libraries, enabling the choice of the right book(s)

Learn more about our text mining platform Mynd.

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