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Join the thrilling Creax journey!

Let’s face it: Creax is an exciting company in the exciting business of innovation, technology and creativity

In fact Creax is more than a company. Creax is a story, an thrilling journey. We help innovation-driven international market leaders, in futureproofing their company by anticipating and shaping the future.

We do so by combining research and creativity, the major competences of our multi-disciplinary team. This unique team consists of pure brainpower and great creative talent. Every single team member contributes in a significant way to the journey we are exploring, through its enthusiasm, dedication and motivation.

Feel the vibes? Come and talk to us! We need you.
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Enjoy the culture of togetherness

At Creax we firmly believe in the power of togetherness. Inclusiveness and diversity create a microclimate where people with divergent skills and expertise work together, inspire each other and grow by sharing ideas. We want to welcome you to enjoy our hospitality and to be a part of our ever-growing community.

Abou the Cream team

Perks and benefits

/ Relax, we’ve got you covered

We take care of our employees in more ways than one. Our competitive benefits are supplemented with daily catered lunches, great coffee and a weekly breakfast moment.

/ We value our people

We’re dedicated to ensuring all employees have the information they need to do their jobs well. Our monthly team meetings bring our people together and share key aspects of the business across the entire organization.

/ Live it up

One benefit of having amazing coworkers is enjoying each other’s company, and we make up some good excuses to have fun together. During lunch breaks you can enjoy some table tennis, board games or walks through the park. We often have out-of-office team events, parties and activities.