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Our New Product Development process (NPD) is simple, yet extremely efficient, and results in unique new product concepts.

Every company strives to develop the next big thing: that one future-proof solution that stands out from the competition, meets the market needs, and solves the right problem. But how do you avoid a mainstream solution and create your own blue ocean?

Research-based innovation Creax

Research-based innovation

The homework for innovation needs to be done properly: define the real problem, know what exists, and map what is happening around you to develop the ideal solution. At Creax, we believe in research-based innovation: key insights in combination with cross-industry creativity and inspiration.

It’s not about a mattress. It’s about understanding sleeping behavior. It’s not about a car, it’s about transporting people.

Identifying and understanding the real problem is a crucial start. That’s why the Creax New Product Development process always starts from key insights. Understanding the dynamics in your domain from a technology, consumer, and competitive perspective leads to the discovery of white space opportunities.

Cross-industry learning

Once we identified the right business opportunities, we apply our toolbox and proven methods to generate creative ideas. The best ideas are combined into breakthrough concepts.

When developing new solutions, the wheel is too often reinvented. Through our multi-disciplinary team, proprietary methodology & tools, and text-mining cross-industry knowledge databases with Artificial Intelligence, we identify what you can learn from others, in and out domain.

These ‘out-of-the-box’ inspirations, ideas, and solutions are matched with your industry-specific expertise. As a result, you get breakthrough concepts and products that distinguish you from your competition.

Cross-industry learning Creax
New concept car bu Creax: example of new product development

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