A problem well stated is a problem half solved

New Product Development


To develop breakthrough solutions, you must first define the real problem

Our new product development process (NPD) is simple, yet extremely efficient, and results in unique new product concepts.


Find the ‘right’ problem

A good solution starts with understanding the right problem. We believe it’s better to cure the sickness then to remedy the symptoms. That’s why we put a lot of time and effort to identify the ‘right’ underlying problem.

Find the right solution

Once we fully understand the real problem, using our proprietary software, we structure and analyze information from various sources such as patents, scientific papers and consumer forums. Our multi-disciplinary team then uses this knowledge to investigate solutions which can also be adapted into your new product.

Develop breakthrough concepts

By combining multiple proven solutions, breakthrough concepts are generated, all of which meet the predefined scope and problem definition. A well-stocked pipeline of profitable ideas for the short and long term future.

NPD- new product development flow from problem analysis to concept generation

Get better products

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