Our innovation resources

Creax has one focus: causing impact through efficient innovation. To achieve this, we combine human and artificial intelligence (HAi-model®).

The Creax brainpower consists of a multi-disciplinary team, matching science and design competences. Our team applies well-structrured processes, consisting of various tools and methodologies.

The team is reinforced with our in-house developed multi-source text-mining platform for complete and unbiased research.

At Creax, we don’t believe in stand-alone artificial intelligence. It requires human intelligence and interpretation to come to the right and valuable conclusions. Human brainpower, tools & processes and AI-supported research are our ingredients for the finest innovation menus.

Innovation insights by Creax

The brainpower

The Creax team is a remarkable mix of suits and sneakers and combines analytical skills and creative energy.

Each project is conducted by a specific and dedicated team to guarantee efficiency and creativity.

Your innovation challenges are tackled by matching the unbiased Creax point of view with your company specific expertise.

Tools & processes

Each briefing is subject to a tailor-made approach. The right tools from our extended toolbox are selected and structured in a personalised process. It’s not just about post-its…

Artificial Intelligence

Mynd is an in-house developed multi-source text mining platform. It allows our researchers to analyse huge amounts of data in a fast and unbiased way, bringing structure in the chaos of data.

Mynd research is the basis for Science & technology Intelligence, Competitor Intelligence and Market Intelligence. By analysing various knowledge sources, we confirm the known and discover the unknown.

Artificial intelligence within innovation in Creax