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Exploring the Double Diamonds of Design Thinking

The double diamond is a widely recognized and commonly used model in the field of design thinking. It is a process model that involves four distinct phases: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver.

The model is represented by two diamonds, with each diamond consisting of a divergent and a convergent phase. The first diamond represents the discovery and problem identification phase, while the second diamond represents the solution development phase.

Double Diamonds of Design Thinking
Double diamond scheme design thinking
Double diamond model of design thinking (Singh Brar, S. 2017)

The first diamond

The first diamond begins with a divergent phase, where the designers explore and gather information, insights, and ideas about the problem. This is followed by a convergent phase, where the designers narrow down the focus and identify the key problems to be solved.

Question, challenge, client brief

When creating for the immediate future, the first diamond is frequently disregarded. This can lead to the mistaken belief that the problem statement or design brief remains unchanged and familiar. Problem statements do evolve over time due to shifting consumer demands, emerging trends, and even new technologies.

New product design briefs are becoming more precise, as they are derived from identifying the best opportunities. This involves a systematic discovery of customer needs and a methodical exploration of technological possibilities to identify the most promising opportunities.

Bringing order to chaos: Converging unstructured research findings

The process of converging unstructured research findings involves systematically organizing and synthesizing this data to identify key insights and opportunities that can inform the design process. By bringing order to the chaos of unstructured research data, designers can gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and preferences, and develop more innovative and effective solutions to complex problems.

The second diamond

Discovering opportunities and imagining solutions

The second diamond of the double diamond model of design thinking is focused on the development phase. It begins with a divergent phase, where designers explore a wide range of possible solutions to the problem identified in the first diamond.

This is followed by a convergent phase, where designers select the most promising ideas and develop them into viable solutions, creating prototypes and testing them to refine and improve the design. The ultimate goal of the second diamond is to create a final product or solution that meets the needs of the user and solves the problem identified in the first diamond.

A systematic approach to innovation decision-making

Creax's Data-Driven Methodology

Creax has developed a data-driven approach to future thinking, which provides a systematic way to make innovation decisions with confidence.

The methodology employs a framework that offers unbiased insights into changes and trends in the relevant industry or market, obtained by conducting an AI-driven context analysis of various data sources, including publications, patents, web content, and relevant databases.

New vision on double diamond in innovation

Driving innovation success

Your trusted innovation partner

Creax, an innovation consulting partner with a proven track record of 20+ years, has successfully delivered over 1,250 projects spanning diverse industries.

Our team of experts incorporates advanced methodologies, cross-industry research, AI-driven intelligence, and creative thinking to unlock new possibilities for clients. With a collaborative approach and synergy, we help de-risk and accelerate innovation processes, leading to better performance and improved outcomes.

Double diamond innovation agency design thinking
Insights on double diamond approach by innovation agency

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