Camping case

Discover how Creax can help identify new opportunities and innovate products by utilizing a human-centered design approach in this camping case study.

4 Reasons to consider the Expert’s Advice with Caution

Failed predictions

An increasing number of researchers and innovators are getting convinced of the power of cross-industry learning. Rather than reinventing the wheel, research of existing knowledge is done, often leading to inspiration and solutions from other domains. So far, so good. Even excellent! In a next phase, very quickly experts are asked by companies to advise […]

The future of mobility: the drivers behind the steering wheel

The future of mobility: the drivers behind the steering wheel

‘Minority Report’, the best-selling film, envisions urban architecture in 2054 with full 3D mobility and electric vehicles produced in fully automated facilities. Future, or is it already happening? This blog post provides a clear vision of how various players are shaping the mobility landscape of tomorrow.

4 ways to make a cheaper electric car

innovation electric car design prototype creativity

Electric Vehicles (EV) are the future of mobility. But high costs prevent mainstream adoption. We brainstormed 4 creative but practical ways to lower production costs.

Innovation in times of crisis

Innovation in times of crisis

The corona crisis is an unforeseen challenge that we need to solve as quickly as possible. And a lot is already happening. The confusing and uncertain situation highlights how crucial innovation really is.

Working from home – experiences from Creax

Tips for remote working during crisis (corona - covid-19))

The Corona virus forces us to work together in a new and isolated way. Thanks to the internet, we can work from a remote location, but there are some hurdles along the way. Here are some of our experiences and tips for working from home.

Stop Corona! Download these posters


In times of crisis, what people need most is clear and correct information. We made posters that you can download with the two main messages to stop Corona: keep your distance + wash your hands