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The response of the agro-food sector to a fast changing world

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Challenges in Nutrition

Over the past decade, the agri-food sector has changed dramatically under the influence of various societal and industrial factors, such as:

  • Changing consumer food behavior
  • New needs in food functionalities
  • New competitors stepped into the ecosystem
  • Cross-industry collaborations
  • Changes in the value chains


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Nutrition related clients

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Due to confidentiality, we don’t display client cases.

However, we have anonymized some parts of cases with a context, question and answer description to give insights in the Creax approach.

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Building on 2 decades of experience with over 1,250 projects in a wide range of industries, Creax is an established innovation partner.

We have a unique team and strong methodologies, supported by cross-industry research, AI-driven intelligence and unbridled creativity. The synergy we have with our clients has considerably led to the de-risking and accelerating of their innovation processes.

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Veganism is becoming very popular and more present in our everyday lives. It appears as an answer to tackle animal cruelty, climate change or to enable a healthier lifestyle. Listen to our podcast where Thomas, Tobias and Valeria discuss some challenges and potential solutions for a greener future. 

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