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Can data (only) lead your company into the next decade?

Creax presents a new data-driven methodology for future thinking. The framework brings confidence to take strategic decisions, leads to opportunities for your business and stimulates the creative innovation process.

When it comes to business, there’s no failsafe way for companies to predict the future with total accuracy. Society is changing rapidly, with many impacts on businesses from many angles. Consumers are setting new standards and the playing fields of various industries are becoming increasingly fragmented and therefore difficult to interpret.

Future-oriented companies are certain of one thing: innovation is the cornerstone of preparedness. Whether innovation leads to a distinctive product portfolio or business model, or to more efficient or sustainable processes, making the right choices is crucial. And data can help.

The crystal ball for innovation

Creax developed a new data-driven methodology for future thinking. The framework guides your company into the future and allows to systematically take innovation decisions with confidence.

First, the framework introduces unbiased insights about changes and trends in your playing field. These are obtained using AI-driven context analysis of complimentary data sources, such as publications, patents, web content and relevant databases. It can be considered a crystal ball.

Future scenarios are then matched with your company DNA and opportunity spaces are as such identified.

And then the fun can start: creating your next generation of differentiating solutions. Data again can boost this process. A key element is cross-industry research. Technological solutions or inspirations are identified, researched and translated to your product or process context. And the underlying information provides solid arguments and guidance to build your innovation roadmaps.

You have noticed, data de-risks and boosts the innovation process.

Our CEO Mathieu Mottrie illustrated this methodology with some of our cases at the last Innovation Round Table conference, the world’s largest gathering of innovation executives in large multinational companies. Wondering how this might apply to your company? Leave your contact information below.

Data-driven methodology - Future thinking framework

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