Infographic nanotechnology in plastics

Type “nano” in Google, and your computer explodes. Use the word “nano” in a blog or marketing campaign and you’re bound to get attention. For some nanotechnology is a symbol of the evil dangers of new technologies, for others it’s the key to the future. But what is nanotechnology? And what is its use for the plastic & rubber industry?

This infographic nanotechnology is a summary of the technology mapping we made in cooperation with Flanders’ PlasticVision. With this technology mapping we were able to give the plastic producers insight into the value of nanotechnology for their business.

Infographic on nanotechnology for plastic industry

From first application in electronics, optics, medicine and cosmetics nanotechnology has come a long way. Nanotechnology is already a part of your life, whether you realize it or not. Because it’s in the sunscreen you use on the beach and in the medication you use. It makes batteries more efficient and it makes racing bicycles lighter.

Discover the 5 functionalities that nanotech can offer plastic materials. See the future opportunities that nano will bring to the industry in this infographic nantechnology. From bioplastics prototypes over graphene to semiconductors and concepts for smart materials and new product development.