Idea generation: bandaids

Darn, you cut your finger!
What do you do? Search for the First Aid kit (do we have that?), establish that the disinfectant is overtime (nevermind), try to open the bandaid box without spilling blood (oops), and struggle to apply a bandaid single-handedly (not easy!).

Have a look at our First Aid – idea generation teaser.

1. The Bandaid Dispenser

Concept generation - bandaid dispenser

The Bandaid Dispenser hangs on the wall. Insert your finger, push down, and a bandaid is automatically applied from a supply strip. Multi-use & only one hand needed!

2. The Bandaid Bottle

Concept generation - liquid bandaid bottle

The Bandaid Bottle contains liquid bandaid on the bottom and a layer of fluid disinfectant on top. The disinfectant has a double function: it automatically disinfects the wound before the bandaid is applied but also seals the liquid bandaid from the air, preventing its premature solidification. To apply: dip and dry…


Through the use of systematic method we can solve everyday issues, and make cutting your finger a little less serious. Have a look at our new product development page and see how we invent the next generation of your project.