Idea generation: the solar still upscaled

The solar still principle is not new, but today it is mainly used in small applications. In this device, water is distilled using the heat of the sun. First the water evaporates from humid matter, such as soil. Then, ambient air cools down the vapor on the solar still surface, condensed water flows down along the surface and pure water is collected at the bottom of the still. Did you know there is a solar still included in some life raft survival kits?

Time to take this principle to the next level. Seawater moves inland during the high tide and flows in one of the five solar domes. These collectors are covered with a multilayered transparent structure. The heat of the sun evaporates the water and the vapor gets trapped between the multiple layers of the dome. After this desalination process the water is pumped further inland where it can be used as drinking water or for agriculture. By adding solar panels to the site the whole concept becomes independent from external energy resources.

Idea generation - solar still