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Read here how the Creax data-driven innovation approach helps to future-proof your business in tomorrow’s mobility landscape.

The future of mobility: the drivers behind the steering wheel

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Our insights

Challenges in mobility

Over the past decade, the mobility sector has changed dramatically under the influence of various PESTEL factors. The landscape is highly affected by drivers such as:

  • The sharing economy
  • Autonomous driving
  • Matching infrastructure
  • Energy for mobility
  • Door-to-door mobility


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We future-proof mobility companies

Our solutions

Creax future proofs your business by co-creating your innovation portfolio and roadmaps for the short-, mid- and long-term.

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Examples in mobility

Mobility cases

Due to confidentiality, we don’t display client cases.

However, we have anonymized some parts of cases with a context, question and answer description to give insights in the Creax approach.

Your innovation partner

Building on 2 decades of experience with over 1,250 projects in a wide range of industries, Creax is an established innovation partner.

We have a unique team and strong methodologies, supported by cross-industry research, AI-driven intelligence and unbridled creativity. The synergy we have with our clients has considerably led to the de-risking and accelerating of their innovation processes.

Our collection of articles, insights, and potdcasts have everything you need to get started on the topic, optimizing for better performance.

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Listen to our innovation talk about the future of mobility

‘Minority Report’, the best-selling film, envisions urban architecture in 2054 with full 3D mobility and electric vehicles produced in fully automated facilities. Future, or is it already happening?  Thomas and Simon, discuss background stories and give more insights about trends that are shaping the mobility landscape of tomorrow.

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